Saturday, 5 June 2010

im backkk

yay finally exam is finished!!!
think im not going to sleep tonight
no for other reasons
just to celebrate exam is finished

读读读,后来就 bot 神经了==

holidays is on now
our class trip go to nexus
so freaking expensive
each person rm 100
better use the rm 100 to buy clothes and bla bla bla

besides that, i have another trip
it only needs rm5
freaking cheap

so where should i go?
or both dont go
stay at home bot moi
everyday online till morning
and then sleep at morning

eat drink sleep sh*t
all these stuff
are gonna be part of my daily routine

last night studying chinese,
saw some words that really impressive ;)


it was 3am,when u wake me up, and we jump into the car and drive as fast as we could go, just to get away ~~~ XD

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