Sunday, 6 June 2010

bye bye

emo man !!
just saw a romantic sweet video
but i hate it, it made me lovesick ==

haiz, wake up lo sofia yong
its over
and even he's getting me back
i'll only say a "NO"
no regret. yup no regret.

honestly, i want to make myself busy
busy so i have no time to think about him
but holidays, at home so boring
what to do what to do ??

we planned everything our future...
when and where we will get married
name of our kids
but its over
man its over
i have to stop thinking
but it seems not working on me ?? 

man why is it so hard to forget thing?
i think i can get at least 80% for every subjects easily ==
cuz i cant forget its hard to forget

i need time, 
its been 2 months since we broke up
时间还不够长啊 ?????
k lah, my cousin cried every night for half years since she borke up with her boyfriend XD
me good lo, 
i have not been crying for him since the day we broke up
but still when i see something about love
ill get emo 
i need someone to replace it
will you be the one ? hahahahaha 

just forget his hugs, his kisses, his everything
maybe i cant forget
but its over
and i have no reason to remember all these stuff
i wont forget this love which i used to be so deep in love with you

thanks for your forgiveness 
even i did wrong you would only say "its ok just dont do it again"
thanks for your gifts im gonna throw them away

forget me, im not the girl you love the most,
im not the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with
maybe someone i get married
im not hoping and wishing you were the groom 
or when you get married i wont be wishing that i was your bridge

k la, im sorry i just want to tell how i feel right now
so i just write it here 
this love sucks
its not perfect
thanks for loving me even i know your love is fake
just remember he's gone forever.

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