Sunday, 11 April 2010

this is my sunday 11/4 :)

today about 12pm went to city mall.
was gonna interview the popular but then the manager cuti ==
then we went to some shop interviewed
yeah so we did.

then pang pang and i went to starbucks to manage all those data
ordered frappucino chocolate cream chips :D
it costly though
then bought mints
perfumes yeah

i was online on facebook.
i know i was not supposed to but the guy sitting beside us was on FACEBOOK
so i couldnt tahan too haha

was online then managing the data
that sin shien and felicia just online facebook only
only me doing and pang pang accompanying me to do
how sweet was she :) lol

somebody was jealous.
slets see the conversation:

me: im leaving for starbucks now
he: will you bring me too?
me: yeah but im going with my friends
he: fine you dont want me

haha he is somebody that i wont share with anyone <3 :)
this is my sunday
and oh yeah
i didnt sleep last night
i sleep around 7am then woke up at 10am

because you will stay up late all night long just to talk to the person you like <3

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