Monday, 19 April 2010

crying :'(

well, i didnt sleep last night
and then went to school
im so so tired.

why i didnt sleep?
i dont want to mention
it just sucksssssss

i had been crying for 1 to 5am
just because i never thought that this would happen
im regret and broken heart inside me

who can fix me when im in pieces?
im broken heart girl

now i have to get over it.
i have to forget about everything between you and me.
forget about the way you smile at me
forget about the way you kiss and hug me
forget about everything
forget about our future that we have planned
its all fake
yup its fake

you say you felt cheated
so do i?

get over it sofia.
forget about our memories
remember he's GONE FOREVER

its hard to forget
but i believe that i all i need is time
time can heal my broken heart you have made

i have to face the truth
im crying again im sorry
tell me how can i get over it

to make myself busy?
but when im alone i think about it

so whatever
he's not my everything

i will get over it
yes I can.!!!!!

bless me.
im broken hearted girl
who is willing to fix my broken heart?

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