Thursday, 4 February 2010

first day of annual sport meet

just got back. wasai!!!
bring house really not easy huh
the weather is soo hot

got some problem with our marching
i think the people at the last row couldnt hear the voice
so um yeah not really tidy
but dont worry we have 2 more days to go!!

i love our dancing!!
actually, i saw 5 houses dancing
pink and blue house were most wacthable
cuz other houses's dancing just sui bian.
or maybe they are gonna give us a big surprise on sat? o.o

im a photograper of this 3 days
but i was doing an event caller job today
just took the book going around under the hot sun make me crazy!!!

yeah this is what happened today
so keep goin on people!!!
we have 2 more days to go :D

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