Saturday, 6 February 2010


oh man i got sunburnt!!!
especially my right hand
only my right hand huh?

i have done event caller for this 3 days
the easiest job i think
todays also the busiest day uh huh

hmm i wonder why there was 5 peoples in 4x100m event
i got timothe david mario ivan and nelvord
then i had to choose which 4 of them got to be choosed

so mario was not included in the event
haiz how sad
it was because he wanted the shoes but his legs were big size like me
and he didnt want to run without shoes
so he quited!! sad!!!

i interviewed timothe after he had finished the events
he totally pervert
how could he ran so fast
and he was about to break record but ummm forgot the reason lol

now i just realize junior students are so cute
cuz even we lost
but they still very high
and me too

i was so high i almost spoiled my image
but pity only got 30 mins to high
not enough

to b.h :
even we lost it, but like teachers say, the important thing is the process
and positions arent really important
so, stop crying
be strong!!
we are not always win, so we must learn how to lose

alright then, time for bed :)

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