Monday, 4 January 2010

school reopened yay

oh my im so tired.
finally, school has reopened
so how's that? :)

well, mine not bad
umm bit still have something i want to complain ..
the classroom very high xia
IS toilet bit scary xia
whatever, im gonna stay here for 10 months almost 1 year

and and... ahhh!!
my chinese is going to be teached by chun gu!!!
ABC and B. Statistics is the new teacher Mr.Ho
dont know he tiam or not ler~
hopefully lah

i wonder why people saw me today
they told me like, "look at front while driving"
ahh lol
thank you for your concern
next time when i practice driving i'll always remember this XD

11pm already
must sleep soon so nightzz
sure see you guys tomorrow XD

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