Thursday, 7 January 2010

busy + tired but happy

hey guys.
its been long time didnt update blog
missed me? XD

well im just too tired.
i'm managing those schoo stuff, tuition stuff
not only mine, but also my brother

currently, im so busy with house stuff also
well you know this and that
plus our class is quite less people like 33

today we had house meeting
actually i was supposed to bring the senior 1
but then michelle asked me to accompany her plus they lacking people
so i went to junior 2

walao, the way they talk seem a bit rude man
they like spread 'cold water' ==
ont of the little boy calls cheng jia hao
when we said we had to go to CCA 7th
then he started to complain this complain that
he was like, "why? why we have to follow you? why? tell me why?...."

i know its normal, in the past we were also like this XD

now i just realized to be a senior 3 student
really not easy
ok whatever, its time to bed now
so night!! :)

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