Wednesday, 2 December 2009


[just now me and joanne were waiting car, saw a guy going around
after a few mins, we just realized that he was STEPHEN! lol
he really changed a lotss, like taller, long hair, more liang zai , like a foreign boy XD ]
we only left 3 subjects!!, yay! XD
even 3, but its ok.
do your best :)

yesterday too tired, didnt online
the pa, haiz like useless one
the worse thing was, I didnt have enought time to finish!!!!!

the section B i didnt do,
I spent about 1 hr on Q1
but still couldnt balance
God bless me lah ><

the science was ok
at least more easier than school mock exam one
but still a bit hard

so, just forget them!!
now niat sai also useless lah
rest first, continue study ekm

good luck all :)

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