Saturday, 28 November 2009

My Future

I never thought that I would go to the UK for my uni life.
I dont know why.

some universities in the UK is easy to enter
you can even use SPM certificate to go in
but the problem is A-level isn't as easy as you think.

When i told my mom this
she was like, "if can, then you go"
UK is a big country and many cities

We just dont have to go to London
coffee in Starbucks is like £2.50 in London
its like RM11

If outside London
then will be a lil cheaper
so, if my family economics allows me
maybe I will go ahead

Compared to the US
of course US is more cheaper
and I have always wanted to go there

actually, go where study is the same
I can go to Singapore, Australia or New Zealand
but I want go to somewhere that far away
thats excited! XD
well I just want to gain experiences. bah.

time to study again
see you :)

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