Friday, 13 November 2009

this is really my LAST post XD

yesterday was LCCI exam and also tan's b'day
so sorry i forgot :p [kidding]
LCCI was not bad, cuz it was not as hard as I thought.
still a bit hard though.
God bless me ><

today's another death day for others [not me :p]
I was nervous and afraid
not afraid of would I fail
but afraid of my positions!

My results not bad lah,
still ok but I have already tried my best.
My averages of some subjects have gone down...
its because SPM MOCK!! ARGHHH!!

but I am still very happy that because
I am moving to S. Three :D
but after that, i dunno where I go. :(

I promised myself I wouldnt update blog again
but there were special things happened
I can't control myself!
this is really my last post XD

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