Tuesday, 10 November 2009

my LAST post for this month.. i hope.

yesterday i was too tired so i didnt update

miss my post?? XD

yesterday went to bk tuiton againfrom 6-9.30pm

i was damn hungryafter got back home i would rather go to bed than having dinner yeah, i am

that tired :(

today woke up, feeling like not really ok
i feel the stressesssss not me want to feel it it comes automatically
not only spmbut also the LCCI!!
are the cadre in charge of coming out the exams questions
do you think they are going to come out the easy questions?
so thats the reason i am stressesssss!!
just now while we were having breakfast, my aunt asked me, "sofia, are you okay?
feeling stress?"
lol i was like i wanted to MAKE a SMILE on my face
cuz i was trying to cover my damn stressesss face
but it was so hard at that moment.sigh.
well, i know i 'll be ok.
the LCCI exam is like as easy as eating vegetables!!
its just an another easy examI KNOW I CAN DO WELL!!

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