Sunday, 25 October 2009

'Shopping' + Dreams + Story

Hmm, you know today i just slept like 5 hrs ONLY.
from 3am to 8am++ like that. I'm like dying..
You know why I got up so early? Because of my mom lo
She wanted me to accompony her to shopping.
I can say 'NO' meh?

I am very scared of this you know....
Because my mom will go into the shop that she likes the most,
And starts to pick the clothes and EVERYTHING she likes
And me just sitting down there....
Walking around...
Sounds boring right?
YESSSSS, this is what i can tell you..

Just now at church, we were discussing our DREAMS :D
Last time i asked my mom, "Mom, what kind of jobs do you want me to have?"
She was like very automatically answered, "BANK MANAGER."
Then , I was hanging there.
Cuz I never thought that I wanted to be manager.
Even if I really want to be manager,
I'll choose to be a HOTEL MANAGER but not BANK MANAGER.

Well, see how first XD
Maybe I change my mind tomorrow
and my mom will win.

And, today, I wanna share some story to you..
I heard my pastor told me just now...real story:-

1 boy, he is like 21 yrs old.
His parents divoiced since he was still a young boy.
He has a 18 yrs old girlfriend.
He told the pastor that his gf got pregnant and seeking for helps.

This does matter, the most important thing is:-

When the pastor asked him, "How come like this? Are you planning to marry her?"
Then the boy said, " I dont know. She's NOT my dream girl. I'm just....."

Did you get my 'important point'?
This true story is used to remind all of you no matter boys or girls
If you're human being then you should always remember this story...
Don't get in wrong situation just because want to satisfy.

To girls, find your Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now
To boys, find your Mrs. Right not Mrs. Right Now

So yeah... This is just to remind you before you 'do'
Ok, time for me to sleep now, so see you guys... :)

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