Sunday, 25 October 2009


Oh my...Today I'm pretty tired.
I'm already very tired, plus I have gone out the whole day....

I went to church around 8am till 1pm like that.
Then I just slept like 30 mins cuz around 3.30pm I had to go to pastor house to have tea time..
I got back home like 5.30pm..
And of course we had a great evening there :)

This is Pastor William and his whole family.

He with his wife, Auntie Lorna and their two sons-Issac and Jeremaih.

At night, I had math tuition.
Was doing many excercise there and was not bad.
But I am really very tired.
I'm not acting tired.
Yeah, this is what have happened on my SUNDAY :D

Before I make conclusion, I would love to say 'thank you' to my sister, sis. Annie..
Even she's sick and not feeling so well but she still went to my home fetched me to pastor house.
I'm impressed of this so much :)
Well, God 'll bless her back haha.

Gtg now, see you guys..

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