Friday, 18 September 2009

today lolo was not feeling well.
she got back home earlier. she left me :(
today's like another day.
everyone was doing eko homeworks.
i did it ealier cuz i have another geo essays to write.
after got back, and i took some rest.
you know i was like crazy.
i kept writing geo essays
studying sej
till 11pm
then i'm here right now.
i study hard
i play hard.
everytime i see the SPM countdown notice board
i feel stress
i never felt like this before.
do you guys feel like that as i do?
at school, i acting like very happy
in fact, i feel stress.
i know i'll be ok.
God is always my tower of refuge and strength.
and believe that you'll get a flying colors in your SPM.
if you belive, you CAN do it.
Impossible means nothing.

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