Tuesday, 15 September 2009

just now when i was at tuition, suddenly we talked about where to study while we were doing maths. Jesbelle was planning to study in the UK, but just now she told me she changed her mind, i think so. she doesnt want to move soo far.

i dont wanna move so far too, maybe just move to Australia or New Zealand. oh no :( i dont want sheeps XD but i want Obama lol. yeah right. i wanna move there.

Jack told me something that impressed me a lots, he told me if he had a chance to overseas, he would find jobs there and wouldnt go back here. i have been thinking this question so many times....

i think i will get back here of course XD cuz i dont wanna leave my parents, friends, or anyone. this is my hometown. am i right? ^^

we had a talk at school, around 9am we went to hall. Mr. POONG didnt know we all went to hall and he went to our class... he's always like that....actually, i already learnt it at church. the main point is : NO MORE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. =D

just now tuition, Golden niat sai. why? we said he is like a children, baby. haha. he got angry also because of he couldnt get the correct answer for the hard hard maths question.

i love this band:-

and yeah, girls like these boys XD
i heard they said in the radio...
"keep your loves one close you like we do"
always remember this, keep the person who you love besides you :)

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