Saturday, 8 August 2009

my boyfriend :)

you know im mad at YOU. dont even know whats going on with us. just gettin' worse, can you feel it? im so sorry because of im not cherrish to you when you're here.

when you're gone, i realized that you're so important to me, sorry baby.

i have been missin you so much you know. in the past, no matter how tired i am, im still stayin here until i meet you. i do know you do the same as me, you always back home to take your lunch, spend your lunch time with me, oh baby thats so sweeet.

thanx for givin me such good and sweet and awesome memories. i'll put them alll in my heart and nothing can take them away from me. the everlasting memories. i told you, i never met guys like you that is soo nice to me. i dont know why you treat me like this, im not worth it but i thanx for your love to me.

im the luckiest girl in the world!!

you dont have to worry anything, to me, you're irreplaceable! so no one can replace you in my heart. hope u understand. my exam is comin soon, so i will less online on this week. my exam is gettin started on 11/8 for one week. so see you soon.

H1N1 is gettin worse everyday, so plsssss take good care for me baby. i'll always love you xxx

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