Thursday, 23 July 2009

this post is replied to your post, friend.

actually, i already know it for long time ago. already observed and keep thinking where's the problem between us. i dunno. maybe school resuffle. today's no tuition. you know i kept waiting till school end and i wanted to come home online see what did ham ka ling posted, cuz yesterday puma asked me to see her blog but i already slept.

just now, i saw what she wrote. i feel so sad, really. i keep thinking, what's the problem ya? i miss the days we spent together, like going to canteen together, having lunch together...everything. but did you guys notice that, every time i ask you, " you both want eat at canteen a?" that's mean i wish we could have our lunch together, like in the past. but you almost say "yes."

and, every time when geography lesson, you'll wait me in front of my class waiting me go together with you guys to ai class. today, you didn't...i was disappointed again.... in the past, i really pround of you guys as my friends, cuz we were like true friends, it was like you could feel it.

now what i feel is, our distance is getting far and far away. in the past, geo is one of the lessons i love the most, cuz i am able to see you guys, talk to you. but now, i am like i dislike going to geo lesson, cuz i am alone there. even i sit with you guys but i still feel the distance between us, i just cant go into your daily talking topic. so i just studying there, listening the teacher teaching, even it's boring, but i have no choice.

i always try to find any topics to share with you guys, even not funny joke i also tell to you guys cuz i want talk to you, even just a joke. i was hoping these jokes could repair our friendships, back to the past...i supposed to believe that, it wouldnt happen, maybe.

i dont know whether we can back to past or not, what we can do is, do what we like and what we want, dont force yourself after viewing this blog, like force yourself to eat with me, force yourself to talk to me during geo lesson, it's meaningless.

sorry about what i wrote, this is what i feel. but i still believing friendship forever, until we cant talk or nothing to talk anymore.

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