Monday, 20 July 2009

My Yesterday

today's offday cuz yesterday was our school bazzar. i didnt go there cuz i knew it would be many people there plus very hot weather, ugh. i rather stayed at home and online :D i was playing piano the whole day...almost. i have to practise real hard and this is what i want and should do :D


i cant sleep these fews days. i dont know why. been missing him so much you know???????? :(
if one day we break up, how sad i can be? and now, i'm listening this song, "THINKING OF YOU", my goodness, i miss him so much, can't wait to see him :(

you know i never cried for boys, NEVER! but, i did last night, CRIED, cuz i missed, i missed the time we spent together. it's hard to maintain this relationship, different countries, different nationality, i know! i do really know!!

some girl said to him, "you're girlfriend is lucky....."
he said, "i'm lucky to have her"

i'll never forget this situation!! 'cuz of this, i promise him he is not gonna lose me no matter what.
what i can say is,
my boyfriend is worth to the long distance relationship!!

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