Thursday, 30 July 2009


our subject teachers have changed our class seats, ughh. why?? i am not able to sit with yilu again T.T i feel so sad. when we seperated, she hugged me like 3 4 times and yeah i did too lol :p just felt like i dont want this!! now she has moved to new seat and me too, oh man! ive been missing her so much T.T and another thing is, no one will let me to see her bm answer again that's so sad.

i'm not a good girlfriend :(((((((( because i FORGOT his BIRTHDAY!!!! my goodness. how could i forget his b'day????? oh well, today i just noticed. sighh. i'm soo sorry because i was too too tired last night. why i was soo tired? cuz the maths tuition la!! haizz. i'm so sad. i just noticed it about like 6pm. too late. he must be so sad.

today's another day full of numbness. but i still believe tomorrow will get better ...

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