Tuesday, 14 July 2009

my tuesday

i upgraded my piano level to GRADE 7 since last saturday, wow! XD of course i'm very happy for that, but you know, the songs seem so hard to play! every piece of song at least 2 pages. in the examination, the examiner will give you aural test, sight-reading etc. i hateeeeee the most!

this is scales and arpeggios, also hate the most, b'cuz i need to memorize all the scales and arpeggios inside there, from grade 1 - grade 7, so, ....... but, the examiner only pick a few like 1 or 2 to ask to play! so......

this book i loveeee the most :D contains many classic songs inside, songs inside are nice but real hard to play on it. some very fast, some slow. need to pratice very well everyday. and.... i forgot to practice my piano today, haha!

this sight-reading. ohhh NOOO. i always hang there when the examiner tests how well my sight-reading! i hope this time not....
above 3 books, cost RM 111.70. i tell you, i'll remember this price forever and ever.

i didnt buy this book, cuz it's useless.

Busy tuesday is almost over, today's kinda tireed. i dont have time to take rest, that's sucks. today morning, i was in 2 periods of chinese lesson, that's super sucks, teacher scolded us for not preparing well for the drama.

man, that drama is so complex and many chracters there, how can we prepare well in short time? we also have another things to do!! teacher compares science students to commerce students, she said, science students jiu shi science students, and blablabla.... WA, so hurrt :(

i have lots of works to do already, now this drama again. it's fun but i rather dont want this fun :( i have no choice you know. it's really an EXTRA ORDINARY life, like superman life = = im soo tired like always wanna sleep like that. i always keep reminding myself, SPM a~~, but i am like nothing.... what to do??

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