Friday, 17 July 2009

fun friday :)

today's chinese lesson was the most funniest and playful lesson =D and today was prize-giving ceremony. i really didnt think that i won the bestest supporting actress, haha thanx! i'm happy for that even i kno just playing but i got so many koropok lol haha.

it was fun and i will never forget today. i'll remember today cuz it is gonna be last forever :) but, after this, we're going to do a lots of SPM past year papers, no more playing :( just now tuition maths, i was gonna die = = my maths seems not tiam le, next year ....

golden said in tuition, we will learn more about differentation and this contains many shit stuff like log, sin, cos, tan inside differentation = = UEC standard lagi T.T , so congras to all students who will be staying till senior three. Congras!!! you'll become smarter after taking the UEC exam!

we're havin BAZZAR this coming sunday in school :D so, see you guys there ;)

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