Monday, 6 July 2009

morning 9am

Hey you! =D i'm wirtting this post while teacher is teaching. Well, you know it's soo boring here---Math lesson. Math lesson always boring one T.T... I was thinking I wanted to get some sleep but I couldn't! Because when I reached school, I slept till 6:45am even I slept around 1:30am, I'm full of energy now, YAY!

Tonight, I'm goin to have my accouting lesson =) this is the tuition I enjoy the mosttt =D Well, we have PUMA, HK, FIONA, EN EN, ME & talented girl-Jesbelle, haha, she is really talented girl b'cuz even though she doesn't come to tuition, her results also flying colors!

Now, teacher is asking us to do Math excercise, ughhhhhhh! we all acting like DOLLS, haha! we all doing our own things like reading story books, sleeping, hearing mp3, playing handphone games, and me-posting =D you should pround b'cuz you're readong this which i am willing to post to.

This girl, sitting besides me, doing her LCCI Level 3- Advanced Business Calculations past year questions from 1996 to 2008.Yup, she's so crazy. Teacher asks her to do about 50 questions about depreciation. Oh man! Except that, she needs to memorizr essay questions! like our commerce essays. UGH!

This Math lesson is so boring! We're having 2 lessons of Math, 1 hour 20 mins. Rainy day here in Malaysia, what about in America? OH! I miss him so much. He os so busy these fews days, everyday writing reports. He hatesit but this is what he does everyday! aweeeeeeee

I think we have to find the point of living everys ingle days, if not, we're having our pointless days! and remember every moment lasts forever. Please be cherrish what you got and you should know who you are. this is the most important thing in yout life ever! Have a great day =D

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