Tuesday, 7 July 2009

after lunch, i feel asleep, ugh! we're now havin' moral lesson, talking about projects. teacher says, we need to hand up within this week, OH MAN! i supposed to finish last last month but LAZYNESS, all because of LAZYNESS, SIGH!

we're not in english lesson, that's my fav. lesson b'cuz i can do anything i want to do. teacher is teaching the novel 'the pearl'. well, it's super boring. the teacher just reads every sentences from the book. i HATE so much dear!

spm coming soon, we all acting like "the days still very far" like that. i hope i can really pay attention in the class, especially BM, EKM, SEJ & MATH. but. so hard. i wanna show you that I CAN!!!! =)

we're going to have celebrating dinner this coming sat at Upperstar. after that, we discussed go together clubbing. lol thats not my style la. if michael was there, i would go confirm XD well, michael's not here, also my parents not allow me to go up so late like 2am HUH!

people who clubbing are seeking for LOVE, PEACE & JOY. i got them all in church, i know i have choosed the best =)

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