Thursday, 4 June 2009

maybe i should not commend this

tuesday night 11:56pm .. i commented my status:

i'm learn' to speak broken italian language

then 5 peoples commented me ==

Daniel: sia..

Sofia: u want to learn find me then XD i'll speak in italian language u never heard b4 hehe

Daniel: hahahaha... okok..

Jade: daniel sen ka

Daniel: -.-... u la.. sen ka and 8!!!

Sofia: lol

Jade: =.= you so bad oweys bully me one..not gentlement at all!!

Daniel: i think u mean not gentlemen.... -.-....

Jade: Whatever..heng!!

Daniel: ala... ^^

Jade: u don come bak kk!! u come bak baru kau tau!!

Daniel: hahahahahahaha!!! THen i will go back... wait me ya..^^

Sofia: oops jade :)

Jade: ya u becareful

Daniel: hehe.. im not scare... and i will always welcome u.. must find me wor.. ^^ Muah!!!

Sofia: lol daniel

Jade: =.= u stop lcly there=.= sorry sofia daniel is kacau kacau+ing

here...i will stop him..this monkey too naughty.. escape from the zoo...

Ivy: hey sofi...hmm...who is this daniel??..ur boy???.hahah...anyways, good luck wf ur lang..

Daniel: Cheh.. if i am really monkey a.. u oledi no hair liao lo!!!


la.. help ppl wa.... -.-

Daniel: -.-.. im not her boy la. just friends....

Jade: =.= =.= =.= swt.. fine u win. speechless. u really not gentlemen

atall. cham..why i got such fren.

Ivy: bad...:(..heheh

Daniel: HAHAHAHAHAHA... u got me is your luck OK!!!!! Don blame

yourself bcos of me...^^

Daniel: pity sofia... email spamming....

Sofia: lol he's not my boy boy la lol

Sofia: lol its ok jade take care of urself :)

Jade: LOL my email spamming too..

Daniel:I told her oledi.... k la.. i sleep lo... have a fun chat u guys... good

night sofia and her fren... and haiz.... don even want to greet le.... -.-

haiz... k la... good night haiz.. so hard...

Jade: thanks dear sofia =)

Sofia: lol yeah lots of spamming email .. all abt facebook

Jade: omg too bad!!! u too badd!!!

Sofia:lol ok good night daniel :)

Leong: ciao....

Sofia: ciao :)

Leong: buona notte...

Sofia: Avete intenzione di male? in modo veloce

1 status 36 comments (if u bored u can count whethere its 36 comments or not XD)

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