Wednesday, 3 June 2009

if i were a pastor lol

i cried so much that night when i watched the video abt Jesus Christ died on the

cross, i felt the love of God. i realized that no matter what happens, God promises

He always by my side. that kind of feeling is much more different than everyone tell

me cuz God is God and we just human. when Jesus was on the way to the place that

he was go'n to die there (he already hinted very seriously and could really saw His

internal organs but those peoples still forcing Him to walk with the cross), He saw

His mother and He said, "see, mother, I make all things new." i was like Oh my..., i

cried so much cuz i didn't know what for. we are just sinners, we are not worth He

died for our death.

He makes all things new b'cuz of He died for our sins, so we don't need to die on the

cross. B'cuz of His rose again, we can have hopes. B'cuz of he still alive, He promises

He will help us when we get in troubles. we just have to accept Him, confess He is

the Son of God, is that so hard to do?

many peoples go to night clubs, they spend all $$$ there, get drunk juz to find what

we have.

they finding someone who can really love them care them. but after the night, they

got headache cuz they drank too much beers. Go'n to church, it's diff, cuz u wont

feel headache the nxt day, and u can find the love, peace and hope. only God can

gv us everything we are looking for.

Hell is created to the devil not us, when you die, u'll stand b4 God, and He will ask

you a question, "why should i let you enter heaven?" and what u gonna say? ei, im

postin' this not forcing or calling u guys accept Jesus a XD just feel like i need to

post here cuz its super important.

i was not a holy christian, i didnt care abt holy cuz i didnt know who am i like the

pastor said. now i know who am i, listen, u are borned for a reason - to be a world

changer. u need to find out who u r and u'll knw ur future. man its super important.

don't waste ur life time anymore.

there's only 3 types of peoples in the world:

1. peoples that make things happen

2. peoples that watch things happen

3. peoples that ask "what happen?"

if u want to find out who u r, u should know who created u. tell u, God created u.

God is awesome, his chidren also awesome God is powerful and we also powerful.

I do speak like a pastor lol

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