Sunday, 17 May 2009

jealous + happy + sweet

i was like ugh friday night, i was so f-king know why?? cuz mike told me

what the girl from Thailand said to him on msn. I confess im a little bit jealous but

its normal! im glad too cuz he's honest to me :)

if other boy/girl told your bf/gf, "hi i miss you baby bla bla bla..." you must get very

jealous right?? so i was like WTF that night, i just kept it secret and acting like

normal. Im not angry frm him, but just felt so jealous from the girl.

then last night, i chatted with him like 4 hours, my fingers gonna putus, typing

contineously. Before he go back to work,

Micheal says: bay i told that girl fon yesteday i was with u and ur my gf and she said she was jealous lol but she still kept asking me to fuck her until I signed off lol

✖【♥s o f i a♥】✖ says: lol really? she was so horny

Micheal says: yeah lol i would never fuck her cuz ur my gf

then we kept talking talking, talking.........

Michael says: I'm sorry about yesterday the Thai girl, she was so fucking annoying while I'm talking to you baby

✖【♥s o f i a♥】✖ says: no its ok baby i wont mind it cuz i got you forever lol

Michael says: oh yes baby your not gonna lose me

i was sooo happy last night haha. alright now. and i got him forever :D

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