Friday, 13 March 2009


im feeling super tired today :( i have planed what i was going to do after

school WHILE MATHS EXAM lol .. so can you imagine how hopeless i m abt

my maths?????? sigh man ....

i have planed for today, after school, then i just back home and SLP!! thn..

i ddint know why... i went to online == ...but also very good la .. cuz i

chatted with him o :D yay !! the more i talked to him ... the more i liked

him :p

i chatted with him 3 hrs today... wohoo!! so im vry vry gud mood nw :)

scold me la.. i wont angry you de :p i just

waiting..waiting..waiting....i waiting him to come here online to chat with

me :)

i just thinking here if he got a gf and i dont care keep talking to him...

what would happen?? ... well, he dont have gf nw, vry gud lolxx ... cuz

maybe i will jealous??? lol ....

really dunno what im writting here, just wanted to waste my time cus im

very very bored right now... mimi, loli, puma, garfield all didnt online ><

and he didnt online too :( he got works and he will online at 11am ....

means 12am in m'sia ... now just 9.30pm ... so....very long time lagi

== ..

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