Sunday, 8 March 2009


exam weekend!! sigggghh o :( i feel so stress a t.t just worring abt my results and this year spm year o haaaaiz ... i dont know why we all still in senior one's mood o.o ..... anyhow... FORGET EXAMS!! YAY!! XD

well, today exam chinese subject... *** man so hard o t.t .... i just left 5 mins agter i had answered all the questions... so no time checking lo .... when i was writting the eassay about my new wishes in the new year ..... i......cried o ^^ dont ask me why i cried .... cz i really dont know WHY!!! tell u guys o... i wont tell you all de.... so dont fan me XD ..... really dont fan o....

about my bfs .... HAAAAIZ t.t .... you know today D***** asked me ' you still love me?' i was like OMG when he asked me this .... cuz i didnt know what i should asnwer him ..... sorry t.t .... i didnt what should i asnwer cuz maybe i like someone?? haiz .... dont know me la >< that =" =">

i wonder why he asked me this question .... so accidently man ><>

at the same time, another guy named S****** .... haiz :( so fan o !!! t.t that S****** always sleep sleep there, then how i pak to with him o t.t well ... i dont think im serious de XD i wanna become serious ... bt can i be serious with two boys at the same time??

so conclusion is ... i need time to prove myself .... who i love more ^^ and who more sincere ^^ i wish time could prove everything ^^

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