Thursday, 6 November 2008

love obama lols

i do my favourite things again!! searching pics muahahah...

dont tell me who is this o..i poke you tu hehe:D
wahh~~ so many fans ya...i think more than simple plan de = =

so cute his wife ands children lol..i serious de lo not juz jk!!
i dont know what he's doing there...maybe he watching the photographer and dreaming lols...

at last..wannt show you a pic...
this also him o!! muahahah...
O.O see my eyes... dont fan!!! xDD

see..he wins!! so happy ya lol..of coz la..he wins liao ma...

lol this pic...i saw this pic when i searched obama and his children = =

but i dont think he's obama..what do you think?? pls write on my comment there lol

see his hand!! do you thinking something?? muahhaha...some one copy from obama lo!!


  1. ...bye bye 你条尾 XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. lols...yaya him LOL

  3. hey you linked me but you linked WRONG SPELLIN*

  4. lol...
    wat the hell is ur blog o??
    the blog name...zzz...
    don sot e...XDD

  5. lol k mistakes!! miss joie xD