Tuesday, 11 November 2008

LONDON Underground

so long time i didnt update my blog..cuz dont know what to update...erm...wanna show u pics again..but these pics not found on net...u cant find one on net cuz its someone sent me these pics about LONDON Underground.... muahahaha!!~actually some of these pics..i dont know whats that..bt am try to understand and explain to you! :D

er...this pic was taken in LONDON Underground..guess what they doing?

lol:)double bus in LONDON muahaha~~looks so cute right?? xP

this is in the underground also..it speed very fast..really...

ehm..about this pic..i really dont know whatz that!! i forgot what he said==
this is on LONDON Underground..maybe it's a place for passenger waiting underground railway:)


  1. hey london women,london very nice!!!

  2. hey london women,london very nice!!!

  3. lol...thats very good u know i am xDDD

  4. hey didadi!! i know london very nice..bt u also dont need to post twice de ma xPPP

  5. lol~
    walao walao wei~
    what is that oo ??
    Were you get all of these from that boy ????

  6. lol..London Underground la~~ yea london sent me de..via email ^^

  7. Double-decker signature of London Metrapolis

  8. London Underground the first and oldest underground railway station in the world