Friday, 1 July 2011

Crazy night 30/6-1/7

Been out for 17 hours today! :D it's also my very first time got out till 12++am back home.

Well actually was planning to go back earlier, but then... The cashier messed up with this.

I came back to office today..我上次停止上班到现在,他们都没有忘记我。




今天在公司呆了1天,晚上就 KFC,然后就唱 k...这次虽然我没拿 mic 唱,但是我几乎没有声音了 zzz (I know everytime we go sing k, must have 'Sophia' this song included ==)

We said we would leave at 11pm. But then too many songs, postponted till 11.30pm. Actually our limit was till 1am. But tomorrow they have to work so...

Then, because of some problem with the payment there, we waited there almost 20 mins... 弄到我12点多才回到家。





Almost 3.30am now. Gtg. And... I started to listenig to SOME Chinese and Korean songs just because the musics. I like! :p

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