Sunday, 5 June 2011

long post dont read it unless you want it

hello. guess whats my mood today zzz

Im actually not in a good mood today

Dont know if there is something really happened or i think too much

But tonight i really really want to decide this

Final is coming

And management is the most worried subject

Actually, overall, im afraid of the 4 subjects

just learning to cope with this

if i fail, i need to come back on July for the suplementary exam



yes this is positive mindset (learn from me, haha)

well seriously im trying to make it out

well besides this one, theres one thing i want to make a decision on it


maybe these few months

i have relied on you too much


you have become part of my life

now i guess this has come to an end

i have given you many chances but since you dont even cheerish them its fine

i will start to live without you, being part of my life

its kinda hard for me cause, i need to take you out, from my life.

treat you like nothing ever happened between us


but still i need to learn this

so from now on, i wont be hoping receive a message from you

i wont be hoping you to share anything with me

when i see you, i will just act like nothing happened

Ive always liked Ashley's [It's alright, It's ok]

this song is super awesome

|its alright its ok, im so much better without you|


Just got a message from Unlce David, saying, "do your best and God will do the rest."

yea even just a message, it works.

simply cause this is a stress period, and without parents by my side, ive got some friends

but friends arent my everything

cause sometimes they do make me feel disappointed

this teaches me that only God is my priority in life, whenever and wherever.

and oh yea, suddenly this just came out in my mind,

"Smile, because God loves you."

surely i will do this alll the time


so ive decided to give up.

as the saying goes, "if your love doesnt work with that person, it simply means someone loves you more."

carrying this and moving forward

its Sunday tomorrow and surely i will start this new, miracle-fulled weekend with new mindset

gonna leave this tonight, leave this in a random Saturday night :)

Sweet dreams, i know i will be alright.

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