Thursday, 19 May 2011

youre a control freak!!!!


gastric again


i wanna crazy ady

the weather is so hot

and and and

my roommate says only switch on the aircon at 10pm

so hot

how to study?

ngai sat!!

and every morning, i sleep dao very syok

then she suddenly off the aircon

very cold wah~

then i directly wake up

thinking why no current


she just checked and told me that our electricity bill ady exceed so each of us need to pay for RM 2 ONLY!!!!

rm2 only

so why dont we switch on the aircon earlier?

and every night u want to go out

for excecing

ngai sat

and u want us accompany u go have dinner

i really speechless lo

why must i=I follow u?

u and that boy go cant meh?

why must I follow?

its just like ur a control freak

i wanna thank you for cleaning the bathroom

but u know

u seriously disturb my studies

i keep enduring i dont wanna say something bad about my studies

i know ur final still very far, but degree students only left 18 days from their finals

bless me in the final :)

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