Friday, 8 April 2011

My Lifeeeee

hello how have u all been?

i been soo damn super busy

last few days just had law exam

today, friday, just submitted BIS assignment

and 2 more weeks..

are accounting and management research projects

very good lo like this.


k ba im too stress cos of this that this that

since i came her, to be honest, ive changed a lot

as u know all i have jie pi- a person who cares about cleaning the most most mosttttt

but when i came here, i wear my shoes to my room which i wear everyday to school and step everywhere including the toilet and water in the toilet everywhere

u just cant imagine how dirty i have become

just too many things to do

and i admit myself as too pro on relying on parents

now parents not here

im just like dying

dying and alive and dying again


i must finish my degree in this 3 years

I CANT FAIL 1 unit

k la. time to drop into the world of management again



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