Friday, 4 March 2011

first post of my uni life? lol

HI! i know its been years that i havent updated my blog

the reason is listed as below:

a) LINE SUCKSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sucks daoooo i really dont know how to desbribe. even click the notifications also loading that one oooo!! ><

b) busy as dut. i actually not that busy but first time right.. everything needed to be done and prepared by yourself. and this is kinda sucks too. when you have time for laundry you need to sacrifice your sleeping time. hmmmmm is there any ways to deal with this situation?!

***Please be informed that when i dont update my blog it doesnt mean i dont care haha. cos ive been really busy and sometimes i just visit my own blog without updating it (:***

and tomorrow friday. I DONT HAVE LECTURES AND TUTORIALSSSS!!! YAY!!! finally i can sleep till i automatically wake up muahahaha but i have business law and BIS online tutorials and a report waiting to be done grrrrrrrr

its 12.30am now. goodnight sleep well and try not to miss me that much ;)

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