Tuesday, 15 February 2011

feeling emo for the whole day. you see a smile on my face doesnt mean i feel happy.

i have started to miss my home

my friends

my everything

you guys are just as important as my life

i love you all

thank you for what you guys have done to me

i appreciate them im serious

i had a very touching breakfast with my dearesr family

never knew that you would care so much

and i was tryong so hard to control my tears so it wouldnt drop but failed

you saw mw cried and you cried

that was the first time i saw you cried in front of me

i just want to tell you that

dont cry, this is one of the progresses that i need to get through

i love you, grandma :')

this coming chap go mei we are going to have dinner all together

and maybe this is gonna be the last dinner that we will all together be taking

last dinner. i mean last dinner of this month :(

sorry for being so emo

but words cant describe my feelings for my family and friends and everything

i have started to worry feeling a bit of unsecure

im leaving

im not gonna be leaving alone but with friends

but friends arent family

hard tune is coming to pass

nighty night

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