Sunday, 19 December 2010


I'm soo sorry that I have been so busy and have forgotten to update my blog..

I'm fine just so tired and busy with works. Yea I have just started working.. Not bad la.. xDD

I have worked like 3 days.. 赚钱不是酱容易的!!!! this is what i feel.. U never experienced u never knew ...

Everyday arrive office then work work till 12pm. My fav time at work xD then after lunch keep working till 5pm. This is 打工仔's life.

My works kinda boring cos I been asked to do the same thing. First day at work.. It was 16/12. I kept working working.. I wrote more than 100 sheets payment vouchers a day. ==

My working area is called 'heaven'. That is bookkeeping area.. My working mates are funny and love to joke while working.. Just like us always kept laughing during class.. I MISS THESE DAYS!!! <3

Visit my blog everyday for the newest update xD

G9 :)

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