Sunday, 2 May 2010

1.05.10 *wish i could reverse the time so everything would be perfect*

today, something happened
i got his message wrote :[ ♥ ...
i asked what happened
he said that i didnt know what happened
and he said i left him for someone else.
*oh he thought i was serious with john* lol

but then he was asking me wanna get back to him
like i always say "once i turn around im not coming back"
i dont know how to do man!

he asked me if i still love him and i said i think so
he gave me the same answer when i asked him sooo...
should i get back to him?
or just leave him alone?

i wish i could leave him alone
but you know its easy to say hard to do

and oh im trying dont really care about it
i know i have got to make a decision
but just.. sigh its complicated

oh well i really dont know what to do
just wait
i need time :)

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