Thursday, 18 March 2010


i slept at 4am and got up at 9am
then went out for breakfast and then shopping this and that till 7pm
went to many many places that i never been there before
im super tired.

i was bringing a primary 4 little girl like her nanny ==
she's only 10. and she has her own hand phone
i was just thinking...
when i was primary all i had was those bears dolls which were useless

they are leaving tomorrow so yeah
i will be alright then :)
but im gonna miss them so much

and.. i hate womanizer
it seems hard to hate someone you love maybe
why boys have their wifes and still not enough?
why they always lie? sigh!
well my cousin's bf sucks lol
dont know why my cousin still loves him so much
cry every night
its not worth my sweet cousin :(
really i dont know how to say my cousin
just stupid fool
well, maybe i can conclude this with " LOVE IS BLIND"
it does blind
sometimes sweet sometimes you'll want to commit suicide when your partner dumps you

hmmm really wierd
been waiting the person to come online but he seems like never come online
but these persons im not waiting for..i see them online allll the time

got to sleep earlier today so good night :)

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