Saturday, 16 January 2010

A-Level, can i have the chance not to take it?

um um um well im so tired
but still i wanna update blog

oh well, was just talking to my parents
well the same topic again ==
at first, i was just asking my dad if he wanted me to take the IELTS test
and then dont know why..
changed the topic to what should i study

well i still dont know yet :(
i wonder why my dad wants me go for A-Level
i was trying to explain to him that
if you study senior 3, then you NOT need go for A-Level again
its just more or less the samething, isnt?
uh huh!

well, i cant blame on my dad
i know he cares me he loves me
but erm dont know lah
so the conclusion is, i also dont know man!!
i know its just so confusing
oh God help me !!! T.T
i just dont want study A-Level
1. it's wasting time
2. it's wasting $$$$
3. i cant fine any reason to study A-Level when i have got my UEC certificate


and, im talking to some guy on fb that i dont know at all
you know first thing he said to me was, ...
"hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend"
lol i really zha dao.
so the whole conversation of us is like lyrics conversation

well its time for me to sleep sooon
bye xx

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