Saturday, 2 January 2010

I'm a Scary Driver!

its the 2nd day of 2010.
how's your day going? :)

well, i went to bengkel with loli
it was so hard for me to get up at 7am
dont know how can i get up at 5am when school reopen T.T

the bengkel was soo boring
even better than last time law lesson
but still ...
fortunately i brought jelly belly
muahaha XD

and abt 2.30pm like that
i started to drive!!
as normal i was so nervous
cuz i never thought the uncle would ask me first
i wanted loli 1st so that at least i could see how loli drived
not bad bah, loli pro
at least better than me
i just kept mati-ing enjin XD

so, im really improving!!
hope i can get P license within this year.

and yeahh, one thing
i never seen so many kancil at 1 place
many kancil going around.
they drived the car made me felt scary
but then, me also.

so the uncle and loli very lucky lah,
could see how i drove
and i was laughing while driving at the same time
just funny.

bcuz of the bengkel
i couldnt come to church
so my sister just called me and she upgraded me
to become usher teams manager
something like that

*you may not understand, just congratulate me then! XD*

that's all for today.
and sleep early so bye your tail!!

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