Monday, 7 December 2009

when i can throw away all the books?

ekm was not as hard as i thought.
very good.

but have to wait 1 more week
chinese i think maybe ok ok
but the geo

gonna hold the books from morning to night and night to morning

like yesterday. i dont know how i express it out here
im not so like memorising books already
dont know why i am like that

too many to memorise
plus not really have mood to study
because its the last subject

i have always got the highest marks for geo subject
because teacher gave tips mah

spm mock teacher didnt give us any tips
so thats mean had to memorize alll
so i got only 60%
so sad!
dropped from 80 to 60
well, it was damn hard.

maybe some of you think that 60 already enough
what you want again??

ya loh, what i want again?? XD
just kidding.

thats all for today.
maybe not gonna online tonight

sleep late akan menjejaskan keingatan punya! XD
so guys, learn like me
less online and sleep early lo XD

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