Saturday, 5 December 2009

pointless post dont see!

honestly, im bad mood. :((((
because of the house meeting
im not lying
it is like dragging me to hell or somewhere

last night received the msg
"this time is a serious meeting and blablabla"
what the _______
everything you also say serious de lah ><

why just cant wait after 15/12
because i need study
i know study not tai sai
but my parents not SUPPORT me go house meeting while I'M STILL HAVING SPM

remember: my parents are not SUPPORT me, not NOT ALLOWED me. ==
everytime go to house meeting
they are not punctual
and we just sit down there listening the person in charge talking talking talking

this is my bu shuang
i wont act like a fool go discuss my bu shuang with you
cuz i want spend my last year as pretty as i can.
dont wanna have fights with you

so yeah. just bad mood
now feeling better cuz im saying this out

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