Saturday, 26 December 2009

the day after Christmas

hey guy
yesterday was too tired so lazy to update
dont worry, im here again XD

yesterday [25/12]
almost spent the whole day with cousin
we had Xmas dinner at the Lintas Upperstar there

fortunately, we arrived early like 5.45pm
around 6pm like that
the inside were fulled already

upperstar drinks not so deligious and also expensive
so we didnt order and planned would go to yoyo buy drinks which only besides the upperstar XD

but because of too fulled
fulled dao wanted to vomit
then i didnt buy

and now im bot cong-ing
waiting somebody
and ...

i have to think a game cuz i just recieved some call from somebody
soo sudden why she found me to lead a ice-breaking game
and wanted me to do something that i NEVER DONE before
however, i know everything happens for a reason
so yeah i guess should start to think now
no time
bye bye ur tail!

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