Wednesday, 4 November 2009

when i don't need go back to school...

i slept around 3.30am
woke up around 8.30am
i was really like dying

you know i hate so much
when i was woke up by the
plus today i just slept only the 5 hours
i was damn unhappy.

then my parents brought me go to sutera
with some uncle
i was damn hungry
but no one ordered the food
then me also no ordered
just ordered a orange juice
it tasted like damn sour

then we went to some lawyer office
the whole office fulls of the law books
like the land law, lslam laws, bla bla bla
even more thicker than the dictionaries
well, i can tell you
this is what they call, a lawyer.

after this
it was already 12pm
then we just had our 'breakfast'
i was damn hungry

after got back home
of course the 1st thing supposed to do is sleep
but i did the bk 1st, yay! XD
questions were damn hard
so i just went to bed

FINALLY, the time has come
good night~ XD

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