Sunday, 1 November 2009

i was supposed to update this post yesterday.
but sorry i was tooo tired..

so now, im gonna write what happened yesterday :D

yesterday my mom waked me up bye yellin my name while i was sleeping..
then i really not very syok
you know the feelings..
like ur name was yelled so loud while ur asleep..

it was like 7am i had my breakfast
and then the conductor came and fetched me to sepanggar there...
we arrived there like 8am++
and we thought we were late..
mana tau, the lesson started around 9.30am
i should know one thing, kita punya kerajaan stuff menang macam punya ==

honestly, i never thought that i could be so fast to take the law lesson
once i reached there, the 1st thing came to my mind was:
when i could going back???

we just had 4 chinese in our class, including the teacher was 5 chinese.
so kasihan.
and those malay, philipines people LOVE to smoke.
i was like what the heck, i'm gonna die...

you know,
yesterday morning i ate only 2 cakes and dinner during dinner time,
i didnt eat my lunch cuz too many people waiting the super small canteen
i even guessing it was not called a "canteen"

honestly speaking, i didnt hear the teacher teaching
cuz they spoke malay
they were boring
so, me and loli just talking talking talking XD

yesterday was the day that i really like lived without my mom
after yesterday, i knew that mom is import. to me.
because of her, i dont need to worry abt my foods XD

tomorrow have to go to school,
i think i should get going
see you guys..

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