Monday, 21 September 2009

yesterday i went to city mall with parents.
bought many reference books. spm coming,
i need more reference books.

you know, I'm so bad.
I saw 3 couples. almost the same one. why?
good looking + not so good looking
I'm so bad.
in fact, everyone talks about it! XD haha.

I saw another 3 couples too.
alll the same one
foreign boy + asian girl
and i thought about someone [you should know who I was thinking XD]

besides that, I saw somebody's DREAM GUY too :p
i saw LING LING with his grandfather.
but he didn't walk with his grandfather.
so weird.

i got BORED while I was shopping at city mall.
then I EMO.
you know when I get BORED, I'LL EMO TO YOU without any reason.

when I emo, I just stop talking. maybe get angry without reasons too.
haha. I'm so special.
almost 2am now, its 2pm there o~ XD

but i'm not sleepy. I'm emo again....

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