Thursday, 27 August 2009

wedding day 250809 :DDD

Hey you :D I’m pretty good mood today :DDD today’s 250809. My wedding day HAHAHA. Well, I’m serious. Just now chatted with him. I was supposed to sleep early but since he was on there, so I talked to him. finally he got back from Virginia haha. I’m so happy :DDDD

I was sooo tired but still I talked to him. he told me what had happened in Virginia. And yeah… of course told me that he loves me lol :p he shared his dream to me, it was like :-

I was out at the jobsite one night until 11:30 PM and i was so tired I fell asleep at the desk
when I fell asleep that night I dreamed about u and I dreamed we were getting married lol
when I woke up my head was lying on the desk and it was so real i was like OMG
i heard u say the wedding vows
it was like real
we got married on a beach
u were wearing a veil covered in purple flowers
we were both wearing white

haha. I was so happy. Actually, this is what I always dream about! :DDD yeah, maybe you think I’m crazy. And YES! I can tell you I’m crazy for him!!!

from now on, he is my naughty sweet awesome husband :DDDD and I’m his sweet deliceous wonderful lovely awesome wife.

this was written by himself i just copied and pasted.

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