Sunday, 23 August 2009

To you my lovely mom

my mommy. i love you. sorry i have never said even this 3 words -i love you to you. you still love me. sorry everytime you talk to me, i think you're annoying me. i'm sorry. so sorry mommy.
i am a cool person. i dont show my love easily to others in a direct way. you know mommy, i always want to hug you. so tight. but, i cant put down my faces. sorry mommy. even just a hug i cant give you. just now when you cryin', i just sit beside you and i wanted to hug you.
cuz when im in exam weeks. when i cant study well. when i cry. you hug me, tell me keep on moving forwards. thank you mommy. i love you. just now i hugged you. you know i felt so good. even just 5 mins.
what you have sacrificed for me and this family. i know. i do really know. so i always try to get good results to make you happy. everything will be ok mom. i promise i will always take good care of myself.
when i overseas. i will make sure everything is fine. i just have not more than 3 years before i leaving for another countries. i will be cherrish to you, everyone of my parents. and my friends. to me, everyone of you can't be forgotten.